Friday, October 9

Aaaarrrghhhh ^$&%^@*$$@@!#.....

Ooooooohhhh, why did this happen to me?!

I'm short of sleep, eat my meals inconsistently and sometimes I don't even eat AT ALL, I'm stressed with work, I'm busy with having to study for all the upcoming xms, I miss my family, I'm lonely, I'm emotionally unbalanced, etc etc.....

Sooooo...I thought that updating this blog will release some stress..but actually..NO. I just realized what I posted to my blog is in the wrong's all in a jumble! The post that I want to be 1st is now the last, and etc etc etc. Hate it hate it hate it! I know I'm new to blogging, so maybe this are some of the problems that I have to face.

Oh well, hope for the best...

I'm sooooo busy... :( 8/10/09

I'm soooo busy..the final exams are coming up. Goshhhh! Won't it be great if my family is here..I need them to be my source of strength to go thru all this. Talking to them on the phone, even for hours, is not enough to help me get thru this trial. Saaaaaadddddddd :(

Due to my bz-ness rite now, there'll be no updates on diz blog until my finals are over yaa! Need to focusssss!


Aaaaarrgghhhh, it's been how many days since I had a good night's sleep! :( It's all due to study & homework overloadddzzz....but what to do? I must remember this is all part of!!!! :p

The arrival of the twinssss 25/9/09

Fabulous news...the twins are here!!!!! We got an SMS from Abang, saying my sis in law had a real bad tummy ache and she's being treated at PPUM (Pusat Perubatan Universiti Malaya). A few hours later, we got another SMS from him saying that she's already in labour and is already in the labour room for a C-section, since she can't give birth normally. We were all so tense, worried & anxious...

See how tense my dad was while waiting for news on the babies and my SIL's condition...

Us 3 bro is an ayah already!

Alhamdulillah, at around 10PM, the twins were born safely! Yayyyyyyyy!!! The girl came out first, while the boy was 2nd. So, without further ado, presenting to u..

Intan Nur Amani binti Mohd Rashidi

Muhammad Adam Daniel bin Mohd Rashidi

I'm so happeeeee they came into this world while I'm still on holiday at home..but, what's sad is that I have to back to KUIM in a few days time, so I can only see them for a few times before going back. But no worries, Acu will be back when the semester break is here..which is soon. We will spend some quality time together..wait for Acu! :D