Sunday, July 17

freaking awesome 2 days 1 night

Kang Hodong and five friends take off on a memorable road-trip around Korea! Instead of fancy studio, this variety show takes place in nature. They travel to the rural side, the fishing towns and the mountains. There, they find welcoming smiles of our neighbors and the nature that cleanse their eyes. Kang Hodong, Kim C, Lee Soogun, Eun Jiwon, Lee Seung Gi, MC Mong show every moment of their one night trip from the moment they begin .
i love this program too much !
their new members is 
Uhm Tae Wong which is famous korea actor :)

i watched them every friday and monday !
just love them too much

and the my favourite is
him !

Lee Seung Gi 

auww , Wooongg ahh !! hihi
(hero of My Girlfriend is Gumiho)

Early last week, Lee Seung Gi was rumored to have quit one of my favorite Korean television shows – 1 Night 2 Days – to pursue his career in Japan. By Wednesday morning, the news brodcast said that he changed his mind and that he’ll be staying in the weekly Sunday night show. 
and others , 
Kim Jong-min (the Founders)
Uhm Tae Wong
seu geun
Ji Won
Kang Hodong
I love “1 Night 2 Days” because all the characters are funny and yet they’re not annoying. I also get to see a lot of places in Korea. I wonder if they would ever go to bermuda cruises someday ;p

This is a really funny show with 6 celebrities and tons of childish but funny play. You won't regret watching this show. It has English subtitle so don't worry. Watch it in KBS World channel.
have a look and enjoy their some cute captures that i prepared for you

I freaking love this show !